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Chapter Two

I had never been one who was good with words. I preferred expressing myself by writing. I didn’t know why, I just wasn’t too god at explaining my emotions to people, and I knew today was going to be hell. I was sure Lucas was going to be upset with me, I mean, I had been leading him on and then I just froze when he tried to make it to the next level. I felt pretty bad about it, I mean I liked him; I just didn’t want a relationship. Anyway, today I had the hard task of attempting to explain my action’s last night to him. Great. Why couldn’t I just write him a letter saying sorry? At least I wouldn’t be put on the spot with that. I sighed. It was period 4 and I was prepping myself for the confrontation with Lucas. I was sure I was working myself up over nothing, but I was worried. I really hoped I hadn’t hurt his feelings.
“It’s going to be fine” Chaise whispered to me. We’d been over this too many times today.
“I know, but what if he doesn’t want to listen?” My tone was worried.
“He will. Just be patient with him. It might take him a while to understand” Chaise chuckled. He’d made his opinion on Lucas’s intellect very clear.
“He’s actually really smart.” I defended.
Chaise rolled his eyes the same time the bell went. I froze. I really wished I didn’t have to do this in front of everyone. I had been unsuccessful in finding him this morning, so lunch was the only time I had. Chaise grabbed my arm and pulled me up out of my chair.
“Let’s go. If we be quick you might find him before the cafeteria gets crowded.”
I shoved my things into my silver bag, and hurried towards the door.
As we walked into the cafeteria I saw him sitting with Mitchell at our table.
“I’m going to go over.” I informed chaise.
“Want anything to eat?”
“Ugh. No thanks.” My stomach was too full of butterflies to eat.
As I headed over to the red plastic table at the back of the room, I noticed Mitch say something to Lucas. I bit my lip, waiting to see if he got up and left. To my surprise, he stayed where he sat. As I approached Mitch stood up and sauntered over to Matt and Chaise in the line for food.
“Hey” I said hesitantly. I paused before I sat down. “Can I sit here?”
“Sure” His tone was icy. We sat quietly in silence for a second, and then I spoke up.
“Lucas” I began. “I’m really sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to hu-“
He cut me off.
“Don’t worry about it. I just thought…. Well, I thought you liked me. I’m sorry; I was an idiot to think you would want someone like me.” His pained voice broke on the last word.
“No, Lucas. I do like you. That’s the problem. I feel so bad about what I did yesterday, but the truth is, I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. I like you. I like you a lot, I just…” My voice trailed off, failing to find the right words.
“Oh.” His deep blue eyes looked surprised. I self consciously brushed a strand of brown hair off my face.
“I don’t want to ruin our friendship” I struggled to put my thoughts into words. “I like you heaps, and I don’t want to hurt you by starting something I’m not committed to.”
He looked up at me, a mile spreading across his face.
“So, you like me” He started. “You just don’t want to be an item?”
“Pretty much.” I answered, relief spreading through me. I was sure he was over it now.
“Okay” His face was now the happy mask I loved. “Well, I can wait.
“Thank you.” I let a grin spread across my face. We sat in a peaceful silence for a second, but it was interrupted when I heard the clacking of Ivy’s new pumps against the tiled floor. My eyes narrowed as she headed straight past her usual seat at the end of the table, and say next to Lucas. She had obviously heard about yesterday. She had a massive crush on Lucas, and detested me for wanting him. I looked at Lucas, and his expression was horrified. He hated Ivy.
“Hey Lucas” She purred, trying to make her voice sound sweet. It hurt my ears like fingernails on a chalk board
“Hey” He said briskly, turning himself slightly so his shoulder was blocking her.
She glanced at me, and clearly misinterpreted our body language, because ea grin spread across her face.
“So, you free this afternoon?” She asked him, flipping her bleached hair over her shoulder. He shot me a panic stricken look, and I couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing. Lucas soon joined in, clearly understanding the reason behind my hysterics. She thought he didn’t like me anymore, and she was moving in for the kill. Well, not really the kill, but she was Trying to win him over and ask him out. This was too funny.
“What are you laughing at?” She hissed at me, her eyes forming into slits from the intense glare she was giving me.
“Did you seriously think that…?” I couldn’t manage the rest of the sentence; I was nearly doubled over by a mix of laughter and surprise. She stood up, and stormed away with her tray.
“Uh, are you alright Scarlett?” I heard Matt ask cautiously as he grew closer to the table. It was only now that I became aware of the crowd of friends approaching. I tried to compose myself, and managed to stop myself from shaking with laughter.
“Yeah” I breathed, recovering from my hysterics. “I’m good”
Chaise sat down next to me, and gave me a look filled with confusion. He clearly wanted to know how our chat went. I just nodded and smiled at him. It was the only answer he needed for now.
“So, what were you laughing at, anyway?” He asked.
“Oh, yeah. Well...” I began, trying to think of a way to explain what happened without laughing. Lucas took over.
“Uh, Ivy sort of… Misinterpreted something that happened yesterday, and she kind of….”
“She was flirting with him. She thought that he had changed his mind about…someone” I finished for him. The people at our table all already knew who I meant by ‘someone’, but thankfully not many knew about the incident yesterday afternoon.
The rest of the day flew by quickly, I had dodged questions about the ‘Incident’ yesterday, and now that I had Lucas off my chest, I was considerably happier. It was on the way home from school that Matt questioned me. Throughout the day I had had people there to act as distractions, but now we were alone, I couldn’t avoid his interrogation.
“So, what happened yesterday that Ivy misinterpreted?” He asked curiously.
I pretended not to hear him, and stared off into space.
“Scarlett?” He tapped my arm lightly to get my attention.
“Yeah” I replied hesitantly.
“What happened yesterday?” He pushed.
“Oh. That. Well, it was nothing big, just something between Luke and Me”
“Okay. What happened?” He was persistent.
“Ugh. Why do you care?” I was annoyed now. I hated sharing my personal life with him.
“Because you’re my sister, and I care about you. Now tell me!” He demanded.
“Fine. I wish you weren’t making me say this, But, Lucas went to… Kiss me, and I pulled away. I hurt his feelings and I needed to explain to him why. It’s not a big deal.”
“Oh. I thought you liked him?” He sounded confused.
I sighed with frustration. “I do. I just don’t want to be in a relationship.”
“Oh, Okay” He replied cheerfully.
We walked in silence the rest of the way, I wasn’t paying attention to anything, I just stared emptily at the wide sidewalk and the immaculately cut lawns of the houses we passed. Eventually, we got home, and I saw my older brother Jace’s Jeep in the driveway. Usually we got a lift home with him, but today he was dropping his girlfriend Ashley Settle home, so we got stuck walking. As I turned through the gate, and headed up the paved path, I noticed a new, shiny car in the driveway. I walked through the big white door, and saw my mother sitting on the sofa in the TV room, reading a magazine.
“Hey mum” Matt greeted her. “Who’s car’s in the drive way?”
“Hello” Mum smiled sweetly at us, her perfect oval face looking tired. “Did you like it? I bought it for dad, you know, his car’s getting a bit too old these days.”
I rolled my eyes and headed up the stairs towards my room. Mum was always doing things like that. She loved spending her money, not that it was a problem because we had plenty of it. Designer labels, expensive cars and a massive house was how she chose to spend it. I walked into my large room and chucked my bag onto my desk in the left corner and plopping on my massive bed with my laptop. I loved my room. It was so peaceful in here. The golden walls always calmed me, and the thick white carpet was comfortable. The color scheme of my room was always changing and having an interior designer for a mother was very helpful. I switched my laptop on, and then stood up to get changed. I grabbed a pair of denim short shorts and a loose white t-shirt, then changed out of my Navy skirt, white blouse and red tie. After I had changed, I went back downstairs to grab some food. As I headed through our large living room towards the kitchen, my dog Jasper ran up to me excitedly. He was a Maltese Shitsu, and he had a thick layer of fur.
“Hey Jasper” I cooed, petting his head and giving him a kiss. He followed me into the kitchen, and sat at my feet as I grabbed a large chocolate muffin from a tray on the bench. He looked at me with pleading eyes, then yelped.
“No, you can’t have any. It’s chocolate.” I explained quietly to him. He used one paw to bat at me like a cat. “You’re not a cat, you know”
“I don’t think he heard you. Maybe you should say it again” A voice said from behind. I whirled around to see my other Brother Ollie rummaging through out cupboard.
“How did you get home?” I ignored his comment.
“Oh, I got a lift with a mate” He explained carelessly. “Did you see the car mum bought dad?”
“Uh-huh” I muttered, picking at my muffin.
“It’s an Aston Martin, the newest-”
“You know I don’t care?” I cut him off. “I’m taking Jasper for a walk now, anyway”
“Whatever” He muttered as I walked away, jasper following behind me.
I hadn’t been planning on walking Jasper, but it was the only way to escape the boring car conversations I was sure to be dragged into. As I walked down our street, I found my mind wandering aimlessly over nothing. I let Jasper lead me where ever he wanted, and we wandered the streets of our neighborhood slowly. I had never noticed how boring it was around here. All the houses looked the same- Big, White and New. Nothing interesting had happened around here for ages. It was probably because no one had done anything exciting for a while now. I really should throw a party and shake things up. Actually, that probably would be a good idea. We could have it as a birthday party for me and Matt, or we could have a social at our house on the weekend. It had been ages since there’d been any actual parties. I think we should throw both. I pool party on Saturday and a Birthday party on our birthday. I reckon Matt would like that idea. I hadn’t realized it, but Jasper had turned around and we were heading back towards our house. All of a sudden, Jasper tugged on the lead, and pulled me over to something. I hadn’t noticed anyone walking on the path, so it surprised me when I heard a soft chuckle. I glanced down, and saw Jasper being petted by a boy. He had tanned skin with short, messy black hair. He had a pair of perfectly fitted sunglasses on, and he was letting jasper lick his cheek. I hadn’t seen him around here before.
“Sorry” I apologized. Jasper loved meeting new people.
“It’s ok” His voice was smooth and friendly. “What’s his name?”
“Jasper” I replied. Usually people hated it when he jumped on them.
“He’s very friendly” He commented, standing up and looking at me.
“Yeah, he likes other people a lot.”
“My dog’s like that too. Always wanting to say hi” He said matter-of-factly.
“Yeah, sometimes they can get a bit excited” I agreed, smiling. “Are you new around here? It’s just that I haven’t seen you before, and I know everyone around here.”
“Yeah, I’m new.” He replied warmly. “I’m Alekai Summers”
“Ok, I’m Scarlett. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Would Scarlett have a last name?” He questioned.
“Oh, Yeah. Scarlett Dayton. What school are you starting at?” I questioned out of curiosity.
“Loyola Private. Where do you go?” His face was still friendly.
“Loyola. When do you start?”
“Tomorrow. Should I be nervous?” He joked.
“Definitely not. You’ll fit in fine” I was sure of that. Someone that attractive would fit right in with Matt’s group.
“Well, see you tomorrow then.” He flashed a brilliant smile. “Nice meeting you Scarlett. Bye Jasper” He petted Jasper once then started walking away.
“Bye” I replied, a bit too late. He heard me though, and turned around smiling again.
I stood there frozen for a minute. There was new, extremely attractive guy starting at our school. Thank god I’d met him today. Everyone would be all over him tomorrow. I smiled too myself, and headed home, my thoughts spinning.


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